Churches of Christ recognise that worship is an important part of life. Worship is something we do every day as we give God the correct place in our lives but also something special we do together on regular occasions (for example, on Sundays).

Our aim is to provide worship which is positive, refreshing and renewing. All are welcome to share in our services. Worship is informal and friendly. Services are easy to follow with preaching from the Bible that is interesting and related to life. Our worship is alive, simple and uncluttered, relating to current Australian needs. Our worship is designed to be helpful. Worship is presented in an atmosphere supported with music, prayer, scripture and teaching. Worshippers should leave feeling refreshed, closer to God, and encouraged for the week ahead.

You will find a variety of types of worship in Churches of Christ, from traditional to contemporary. Children are welcome in worship, and children’s segments help them to express themselves in worship, and to develop in faith. Because we believe worship enriches life, we make an effort to create worship which is noted for its simplicity and vitality.

Ministry & Mission

In Churches of Christ all are encouraged to take part in the life and work of the church.

This mutual expression of ministry recognises that each member has gifts and abilities to help in ministry and mission. Each local Church of Christ is independent. Its autonomy is respected. However, local churches form a part of a wider network with many other churches. Together they comprise the state and national conferences of Churches of Christ. Through conference, local churches cooperate with other like-minded churches to combine resources, and support the wider mission of the Church in Australia and overseas.

Through ministry and mission, Churches of Christ respond to human need. People explore and develop faith and spirituality as it relates to the here and now. We want to share the good news of Jesus through effective evangelism and mission. We are not only concerned that people should find a vital faith in God, our concern is also to respond with compassion to human need, both local and international.

In the local church we show compassion through pastoral care activities. In this way support, encouragement and healing a