As a Christian Church, we here at Toowoomba North have always been committed to providing an environment where people can grow in their relationship with God as committed Christians, as well as providing opportunity through the proclamation of the Good News or Gospel, for people to begin this journey as they hear and respond to faith in Jesus Christ.

To know Jesus and make Him known.

In working towards this purpose, we have sought to identify the sort of church that our Lord would have us to be. This is also expressed that our goals for the church should be expressed in terms of character- that is, the character of love, care and acceptance of each other.

In this, we saw ourselves fulfilling our created purpose to both know and worship God, as well as fulfilling the new commandment of Lord Jesus to love one another, in the same way that He loved us. When we are doing all this as we ought through our obedience to Christ and through the empowering of the Holy Spirit, evangelism (that is, the task of making Him known) should be a natural overflow over into our community and our world from this fellowship of love.

Finally, none of this will happen apart from our ongoing commitment to Jesus Christ and His church, a comment, indeed a relationship, which needs the constant nurturing of prayer, Bible reading and study, the regular practice of corporate worship, and taking every opportunity to give and to serve according to the grace given each one.